... Welcome to the CellFit Project

... Welcome to the  CellFit Project

T cells Fit to Fight Cancer

About the CellFit Project

The CellFit Project is a collaboration led by Oslo University Hospital, Department of Cellular Therapy.  The project includes project partners Oslo Cancer Cluster, SINTEF, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. 
Established in 2021, and funded by The Research Council of Norway, the Cellfit Project seeks to address one of the biggest challenges for cell-based cancer therapy – efficient and scalable production. This process deals with living drugs, which require precise logisticsA central requirement for efficient and cost-effective cellular therapy is that the cellular product needs to persist in the patient.   
To improve therapeutic efficacy, increased collaboration between manufacturers (industries) and patient treatment centers (hospitals) is needed. The current products available are not optimal. Focused research aimed at delivering an improved product has not been sufficiently developed. The CellFit Project seeks to provide significantly improved cellular products (more active and in vivo persistent) and processes (higher yields, more streamlined).

Photo: Sepehr Teimouri, Fatemeh Kaveh, Hanne Haslene-Hox, Tuva Holt Hereng, Dave Tippett, Hanne Hein Trøen, Maxi-Lu Böschen,
Else Marit Inderberg, Sébastien Wälchli, Charlotte Wu Homme
(Léa Rosselle & Evan Zynda, not pictured)